Just Few Things About Us

It is always better to know about the people behind any movement. ‘Plusmitra’ is a movement started with a clear focus of transforming people by helping them identify the abilities they already have and thus help build this earth a much better place to live then we often think.

Our experience of teaching a special class of learners that came to us for conversion their degrees to jobs, helped us understand that apart from technical and knowledge related part of education, the human attributes part of it also played a vital role in helping them to meet their goals.

We were ourselves surprised that in all our such sessions, the attendance of learners was higher than our other usual technology related sessions.

This encouraged us to work more on the ‘Human Enrichment’ aspect of knowledge and as a the result concept of ‘PLUSMITRA’ was born.

It is well known, that only few people reach this area, what you are reading at present. So it is my humble duty to leave the verbose method of writing and switch over to the key points only.

  • Human beings are the most likeable objects in this cosmos.
  • Their is nothing wrong in having natural instincts, that are often very negative in nature. The entire enrichment process is to transform the hidden power in natural instincts to a constructive energy form.
  • Everyone likes the process of continuous changes. It is only that some of us don’t apply this change process over their own personality.
  • Our moods are really dynamic and we keep switching off and on for no apparent reason. The way we react to situations is often attributed to our past experiences only. Most of it is formed during early childhood.
  • Even if we change slowly as the age progresses, their is no harm in trying for this change. After all we still have many years to live.
  • Who knows our existence on this planet is for a meaningful purpose, that is yet to be served.
  • Their are no physical, emotional, social barriers during the process of learning. POSITIVITY is surely a subject to be learned for ever.

Just in one two words, the plusmitra philosophy means “Adding Friendliness”.

We are a set of shy and submissive people who are still in the ‘search of’ ultimate truths. Plusmitra workshops are a creation actually initiated by the learning community and it remains so for ever. If you want to be in touch with few individuals who can arrange some interaction sessions for you are requested to visit the ‘MEET” page on this website.