Positivity Begins at Home

I met this friend of mine, recently. He was a Gujarati person, but was struggling to make his fortunes in the city of dreams, Mumbai. While narrating his story of struggle, he narrated to me two stories which helped him give positive thoughts.

The first one is about the famous Marathi saint Sant Tukaram. When Tukaram could not earn money to feed his family, his wife attempted to beat him. She used the sugarcane as a stick. The sugarcane stick broke into two parts. Tukaram used this opportunity to flatter his wife and said, “I know Jija! You were trying to break this sugarcane, so that we both can eat together”. Surely this is one aspect of positivity. Let us hear another one that was told to me by the same gentleman.

This one is about Socrates, the great Greek philosopher. One day he was taking his class at his residence. Socrates’ wife wanted him to come for dinner. She called him many times. When Socrates didn’t respond, she threw water on him. Socrates converted this episode as a lesson for his pupil. Look! here is a proof that “Clouds sound first and rain later”. You will agree that this one is another proof of positivity that was beautifully used by great people.

I asked my friend, about how come such a positivity practice always got related with wives of these great men. My friend smiled. He said, “The way charity begins at home, positivity too follows the same rule”. With this narration, I could immediately understand the secret behind the struggle to success of my friend.

I request my readers to take these stories just as a humorous cue to remember the message, “Positivity Begins at Home”.

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg