Sunday Vs Weekdays

On Sundays I get up earlier than my usual other days. My wife says, “You are in a habit of doing things differently, just to prove that you are different.” May be she could be right. Traditionally Sunday has been classified as a rest day in many parts of the world. The oldness of this tradition can be traced in some parts of the world to be as old as twenty six hundred years old. Interestingly as we know the time units, such as year and days are based on celestial phenomenon, the time unit of week is just on the basis of human endurance. We feel that we had had enough regular and routine work for six days and we need a day of rest. In fact within last about hundred years, in many parts of the world people reduced the official working hours and started having two day weekends.

My argument starts right here. As far as the concept of rest after a particular period goes it is all fine. Many of us must have noticed that many times we find ourselves rather busier on Sundays than our other usual days. This is because we mentally keep collecting a list of lot of activities we just postpone for Sunday. If we carefully watch our habits and review our pending lists, there are many things we need not postpone. Today, if I can find hours and hours to do useless things on Facebook, I can definitely find time to bring my mother’s eye drop before the previous bottle finishes. It is just a matter of outlook. I have seen old people filling water in their eye-drop bottle as their son may not have time to bring a new bottle in time.

So friends! It is time to change the perception of Sundays or weekends. As there are deadlines in corporate lives, there are priorities in personal life too. Happiness is there in our priorities only.

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg