Simulated World

“Are we living in a simulated world?”. This is the search I made on “Google” after watching a recent TV program on Discovery Science. The results were truly amazing. After reading some of the stuff on this topic, I felt like taking back all my previous posts related to the concept of God, Formless God, O Rama O Krishna etc.

These days some of the scientists in US universities are trying to put forth a hypothesis that the world we live in is actually a computer simulation created by some Aliens. The simulation is powerful enough that the actors in this simulation, that means our human race is also on the verge creating other such simulated worlds. Some researchers try to prove there point by creating computer based mathematical models that will scale up to the size we are ourselves present in.

There could be many scientific and philosophical arguments in favour or in against of such hypothesis but the argument by itself is definitely interesting. I took small advantage of this theory in counseling a friend who quarreled with his wife and was about to leave his house. He came to me two-three days back with a story quite similar to one we are habitual of listening in all such episodes. I had just read this great ‘Simulated World Theory’. I tried to counsel him that what you are doing and what your wife is doing is just a controlled simulated game being played by someone somewhere beyond your reach. You may label him God, You may label him Destiny. Be patient and watch the next moves being played by him. Don’t create your own moves. Today my friend returned to me with thanks, that the theory worked. Simulated next moves are better than what he had thought. So friends! Simulation or no simulation, use everything to power and steer your life to a positive side.

Dr. Sunil Ji Garg